Keeping calm

नमस्ते The idea to call this blog ‘Keep Calm and Curry On’ came from the slogan on posters used by the British Government at the beginning of the Second World War to inspire morale in its people in the face of invasion. You can see a scan of the original poster to the left.

Fortunately, I will not face nearly as difficult a challenge. Yet keeping calm, I am assured by those more experienced in life in India, is something that I will need to practice. Instead, I shall try to ‘curry on’ – keep myself open to new experiences, immerse myself in a new way of living, enjoy rather than endure.

I should add that the term ‘curry’ isn’t one that is commonly used in India. It’s primarily a western term to describe a series of dishes that are found throughout South East Asia. नमस्ते


3 thoughts on “Keeping calm

  1. Great blog so far! I’ve bookmarked this site so I can keep reading. Clever name too. I hope your stay goes really well.

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