About me

नमस्ते My name is Phil Greaney, welcome to my blog, ‘Keep Calm and Curry On’.

I’m originally from London in the United Kingdom but for the past few years I have been living first in Geneva, Switzerland and then in the French Alps. I am married to Jennie.

My interests are many. I love literature and especially so-called ‘minimalist’ writing, which I’ve written about here. Otherwise, I am passionate about food, culture and the arts; and music, current affairs and sport, especially cricket. I cycle and hike, too.

I love taking photographs. You can find some of them here.

I have another blog, where I write about anything and everything that interests me, which is here.

I work as a freelance consultant, helping international organisations develop their e-learning, social media and online communications initiatives. You can learn more about my work experience and career interests here and on my LinkedIn Profile, here.

I am @PhilGreaney over on Twitter and Phil Greaney on Facebook. नमस्ते

About this blog

नमस्ते This blog will try to capture my life in New Delhi, my explorations of India and more broadly, my experiences of Asia and beyond. It begins whilst we still live in France and charts our progress, or otherwise, of moving to and living in India.

For newcomers, I recommend starting at the beginning, here.

I hope to describe the everyday and mundane alongside the awe-inspiring and the profound; to portray the challenges, difficulties and frustrations as well as the highlights, triumphs and joys of my new life; and finally, to suggest the sights, sounds and tastes and even the smells of India.

For me, the experience of moving to India will be inextricably linked to life with my wife Jennie. But this won’t be the experience for you, reading this blog: I avoid using ‘we’ when writing because I am not speaking on behalf of my wife, even when we are in accord.

I look forward to the journey. I hope you will join me through this blog. नमस्ते

नमस्ते – ‘namaste’

नमस्ते At the beginning and end of each blog post you will find the Hindi word


It is transliterated into English as ‘namaste’, meaning both hello and goodbye in Hindi. You can learn more about it here.

I am learning Hindi: it is difficult, very different to the English and French I’m used to, but very enjoyable all the same. I believe you can learn a lot about the culture of a place through its language and its use.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I welcome your contributions in the comments under each post. नमस्ते


15 thoughts on “About

    • Phil, stumbled across your blog by accident. If you want to come and play cricket with the highly inappropriately named Viceroys expat club in Delhi then let me know !!

      • Well, we’re even: the name of this blog arouses some suspicion/derision too. That’s very civil of you; thanks – I’ve checked the club out online, looks like it’s time to make a visit. I’ll certainly be in touch. Cheers!

    • Hi, thanks very much. I’ve seen so little of Delhi recently but I think it will be ok without me 🙂 thanks for stopping by, I’m going to check out your blog (mmmm… Chai) bye for now

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