We are moving to New Delhi, India

India Gate, New Delhi

नमस्ते At the end of June 2012, we are leaving our home here in the French Alps and our work in Geneva, Switzerland to live in New Delhi, India.

In addition to visiting different parts of India, we intend to explore Asia and beyond over the course of our stay. We are excited, optimistic and already entranced by India and the thought of living and working there.

We have been harbouring an intention to live in India for some time. The dreaming, excitement and planning have occupied our thoughts for the several months that we have been awaiting confirmation that we can move. Now we have that confirmation: at work, the process of job transfer has begun; we’ve notified our landlord of our intention to leave; and we have secured a property in New Delhi. All being well, we arrive in India in June later this year.

At the time of writing, it will be almost three years ago to the day that we first moved from the UK to Switzerland and later France. Those of you who know me, either personally or from my postings online, will know how much we love living in France. We hope we feel the same about India, despite the immense differences between countries and the enormous changes in lifestyle that we are about to undergo.

About this blog

This new blog will try to capture from my perspective what it is like to move to India, to live and work there, and more broadly, my experiences of Asia and beyond.

I hope to describe the everyday and mundane alongside the awe-inspiring and the profound; to portray the challenges, difficulties and frustrations as well as the highlights, triumphs and joys of our new life; and finally, to suggest the sights, sounds and tastes and even the smells of India.

I look forward to the journey. I hope you will join me through this blog. नमस्ते

Picture credit: Photo by Ankur, under a CC MediaWiki License


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