नमस्ते – Namaste

नमस्ते At the beginning and end of each blog post you will find the Hindi word


It is transliterated into English as ‘namaste’, meaning both hello and goodbye in Hindi. You can learn more about it here.

Standard Hindi in the Devanāgarī script is the official language of India, with English as a secondary official language. It is also the most common language in Delhi.

In addition,Urdu is spoken in India. To say hello in Urdu is found below, followed by the English transliteration:

اسلام و علیکم    [Assalam-o-Alekum]

 خداحافظ            [Khuda-hafiz]

I am learning Hindi: it is difficult, very different to the English and French I’m used to, but very enjoyable all the same. I believe you can learn a lot about the culture of a place through its language and its use. I intend to discuss Hindi on this blog and perhaps even include some examples. नमस्ते


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